ice group | Brazil

Brazilian mobile telecommunications

In July 2017, ice group acquired a 30% stake in Brazilian mobile telecommunications companyNextel Brazil, a subsidiary of NII Holdings, Inc.

The partnership will benefit from our experience in the telecom space and provide Nextel Brazil with a significant increase in capital to revitalize the business and enable it to pursue a growth strategy.

Brazilian consumers will benefit from the combination of two leading telecommunications companies focused on the consumer experience and enhanced offerings in an evolving data-driven wireless market. A stronger Nextel Brazil will be able to provide consumers with more alternatives, better service and best practices currently being deployed by ice group in Scandinavia.

For ice group, the partnership presents a number of advantages and opportunities:

  • Expanding our emerging market footprint by entering one of the world’s largest economies with a population of approximately 200 million people

  • Instant access to 2.9 million 3G/4G subscribers with highest ARPU in Brazil

  • A new data-centric growth strategy for Nextel Brazil, building on the strengths of both parties

  • Capitalising on Nextel Brazil’s strong brand position, top net promoter score rankings and highly valuable assets enable the company to generate profitable growth

  • Newly developed and state-of-the-art data-centric wireless networks

  • High quality spectrum position with LTE capabilities in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo