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Ice makes mobile handset purchases simpler and cheaper

4 September 2019

4 September 2019 – Ice in Norway today launches its mobile swap product “MobilBytte”, which offers customers interest-free financing when purchasing new mobile handsets, with insurance cover against cracked screen and other damages included in the cost.

“Today’s launch of ‘MobilBytte’ follows a number of other exciting product launches from ice this year. From ‘Data Freedom’ with 1000 GB data included to a free mobile phone subscription, ice is challenging and changing the traditional mobile industry to the benefit of customers. Ice’s ‘MobilBytte’ product is another step in the right direction and there is no doubt that customers get best value for money with us,” says Eivind Helgaker, CEO of Ice Group.

The “MobilBytte” product in brief:

  • Insurance cover against cracked screens and other damages
  • Non-binding subscription
  • No start-up cost
  • Fixed, low monthly cost
  • No interests or fees
  • 30-month contract period
  • Swap your mobile handset for free every 18 months, if you want to

Lower monthly cost and insurance included
In addition to offering customers value for money, it is also important for ice to have a solid insurance included in the fixed monthly fee. In fact, ice is the only operator in Norway that has insurance cover against cracked screen and other damages included in the price, regardless of what type of handset or subscription the customer chooses. If the handset suffers from everything from water damage to a cracked screen, the insurance will cover it. The low insurance deductible also remains unchanged for up to three accidents per year.

“Both price and insurance are important to customers, but ‘MobilBytte’ is also designed based on extensive market research that among other things show that the majority wants to keep their handset for longer than the 12 months that has been the standard solution for comparable products in the marketplace. A longer handset retention period is more sustainable, while it also contributes towards reducing the fixed, low monthly price,” Helgaker concludes.

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