Ice Group’s strategy is summarised in 3 points that are expected to contribute to significant margin growth potential in the medium-term, resulting in value creation for the company’s shareholders.

1. Continued network roll-out

Continued network roll-out is expected to enable low cost transmission of data, competitive offerings and strong margin growth. The plan is to expand the smartphone network to approximately 95% population coverage in Norway in order to transmit more than 90% of the subscribers’ data traffic on Ice’s own network instead of roaming on a third-party network.

2. Customer centricity and loyalty

Ice Group believes that there is ample room for accretive growth and high return on investment by treating customers better than what they are used to and to become Norway’s most recommended mobile telecommunications company. This involves being a trusted, bold, and fair provider to, and also to share with, its customers. These four elements comprise the Ice “DNA” and will be key to support its ability to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

3. Increasing market share and efficiency

At end of Q2 2021, Ice had a B2C smartphone market share of 15% according to official Nkom, the Norwegian telecom regulator, figures. In addition to growth opportunities in the lower consumption segments which have been its focus to date, Ice Group will focus on higher usage segments within both B2C and B2B, contributing to improve its ARPU. Low cost structure and scale benefits is expected to result in further efficiency and margin improvement, all creating value in the medium-term.