Ice Group's operations


Ice Group operates in Norway through the well-established ice brand. Ice is Norway’s third largest mobile network operator and provider of voice and wireless data services, challenging the two incumbent operators. Ice is also Norway’s third largest provider of wireless broadband services.

5G-ready 4G LTE network

The cornerstone of our Norwegian business is the utilisation low frequency bands, providing superior geographical and indoor coverage and significant cost advantages (both capex and opex). Ice Group's smartphone proposition, for both consumers and B2B customers, is based on a brand new multi-frequency 4G LTE (5G-ready) network characterised by superior speed, capacity and coverage.

Ice Group's Norwegian operation in brief:
  • Continuous growth in revenues and customers since 2009
  • #3 network operator controlling 24% of available mobile phone and MBB frequencies
  • Pure 4G smartphone network (5G ready) with +90% population coverage
  • #3 provider of mobile phone voice services with total market share (B2C and B2B) of 9.9% at year-end 2019, based on number of subscriptions (Nkom figures)
  • #3 provider of wireless broadband, with market share of 25% at year-end 2019, based on number of subscriptions (Nkom figures)
  • No legacy, with state of the art support systems